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Stratco Outback® Gazebo

The Stratco Outback Multispan and Clearspan Gazebo using the Gable range will expand your outdoor entertaining.

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Product Details

Outback® Gazebo (Using the Gable range)

The Stratco Outback is a proven and unique system that has evolved through research and development for over two decades. When you choose the Stratco Outback you are choosing the best. The attention to detail and superior finish of the Stratco Outback will ensure that you remain satisfied with your investment for years to come.

Manufactured from Colour® steel, Multispan and Clearspan Gable are available in a range of colours. They have an all colour, high gloss finish that provides a low maintenance, attractive and aesthetically pleasing structure, all without the need for painting. The quality of the Outback design provides a picture of style and finish. These qualities include concealed brackets for optimum attractiveness, attractive chamfered and fluted beams and columns; strong high tensile steel for maximum strength and wide spanning capabilities to provide greater living space.

Multispan Gable

The Outback Multispan Gable creates space, improves ventilation and adds prestige to your home. It has an impressive gable design that is integrated with a traditional Flat Roof Outback Verandah.

The Multispan has been designed with flexibility in mind. It offers the flexibility to accommodate your choice of roofing materials and design options. Whether it is polycarbonate to maximise light, traditional corrugated iron to match your home, or the smooth and glossy look of the Outback deck, the Multispan Gable can be tailored to suit your needs. The gable is available with a 22 or 30 degree pitch and a maximum opening of 6.6m when attached at both ends, or 3m when attached at one end.

Clearspan Gable

The Outback Clearspan Gable adds flair and style to your home in a distinctive manner.

The Clearspan is a gable design with great visual appeal and superior spanning capabilities. It features Outback deck as the roofing, and the strength of this roof sheeting means that purlins are not required, producing a wide spanning free flowing effect in your outdoor living area.

The clearspan has a high glossy ceiling like appearance from beneath and light panels are available where additional filtered light is required. The gable is available with a 22 degree pitch and maximum 7.5m opening.

The Stratco Multispan and Clearspan Gable are competitively priced and can be installed by authorised stratco dealers. The system has been engineered to relevant Australian Standards and fully tested and certified by independent Structural Engineers.

With Outdoor Impressions you can feel confident that your Stratco Outback verandah, patio, pergola or carport will be installed by a registered builder, licensed plumber and all relevant permits will be taken care of. We look forward installing a verandah at your place, anywhere in Melbourne.