Customising Your New Pergolas with Climbing Plants in Melbourne

Stratco pergolas are amazing outdoor living solutions that provide shelter while still allowing you to enjoy entertaining your guests in a garden setting. Made from steel, these pergolas are perfect for enjoying the beautiful Melbourne weather, because depending on the design that you choose, you’ll be able to create an outdoor space that not only doubles as a socialising area but also as the best spot for your delicate backyard plants all year round. And while there are a lot of ways to customise Stratco outback Melbourne as you construct them, if you really want to personalise the appearance of your new home addition, you can look into adding greenery to the structure to really play up your garden space into a magical one. Below, a few suggestions on which climbing plants to add to your new pergolas.

Star Jasmine

With its lush green foliage and its delicate star-shaped flowers, it requires only a semi-regular prune in order to maintain its longevity. It is an evergreen climber plant that smells amazing and will no doubt contribute to the whimsical energy of your new entertainment area.


With flower shades that range from a light mauve to deep violet, these fragrant long pendant blooms are perfect to add to your new pergolas. The flowers bloom in spring, and from spring to autumn Wisteria’s dense foliage will be a perfect way to create some natural shade from the sun. Once winter comes, however, it loses it leaves, which makes it a perfect climbing plant for having the warm sun come through the slats of your pergola on wintry days.


For the Bougainvillea, it is important to prune the thorny shoots as they appear. A fast-growing climber plant, if a bit more effort to grow, its flowers range from a myriad of colours that will definitely make you and your guests feel like they have wandered into a garden wonderland once they step under your new pergola.

Climbing roses

Last but certainly not least, climbing roses are a good choice to consider when wanting to customise your pergola. Very classic and romantic, there is a variety of roses to choose from: nahema, pinky, guy savoy, and Guinea, to name a few. Depending on the look that you wish to achieve, you can pick and choose between the variants to get a climbing rose that produces thick, healthy foliage for shade, or perhaps roses that only bloom during spring and leave only the greenery during the rest of the year for a less high-maintenance look.

Whether you choose to add climbing plants to your new home addition, Stratco outback pergolas are the best choice for your needs. Enquire now to get started on the outdoor space of your dreams!